Herringbone Floor Tile Design

Jul 19th

Herringbone floor tile – Vinyl first came in being as light and durable building materials during the Second World War. As more and more use of these products began to known, the commercial vinyl market enters with a vengeance. Today, a very important use of these chemicals is in industrial floors in the form of vinyl tiles. While each manufacturer has its own proprietary formulations to produce vinyl floor tiles. A product made by using additive for vinyl resins, such as, stabilizers, pigments, and Fillers.

Herringbone Tile Layout Instructions
Herringbone Tile Layout Instructions

The vinyl resins with additives are referre to as industrially-label sheet compounds. There are two methods of produc these composite tiles. The compound is heat to a high temperature, and the liquid is pour into the mold. The compound is fed through a series of rollers that gradually squeeze the material that only the size required for that lot. This technique is call “Calendar”, which is a unique feature of the vinyl compound. The thus formed sheet is having planned layers to enhance resistance to abrasions and stains.

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Depending on the composition of the materials, the vinyl tiles tend to have variations in the characteristics, lead to an election in terms of whether the tile is given more or less suitable to install in bathrooms, doors or basement. In APV, for example, manufacturers are add a mold design layer that is make through a gravure process. The layers of this design is what gives the vinyl floor tiles for its beautiful design and color and shine, makes them interesting. This APV again the manufacturers of high performance layer wrapper “available” above, in order to withstand heavy traffic.

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